Bosawas was created by Vapues Tours in order to highlight the importance of community participation and sustainable practices in the promotion and management of the country's emerging tourism infrastructure. With technical assistance from Rainforest Alliance our staff and service providers (hotels, tour guides and drivers) are trained to implement Best Management Practices (BMP) of Sustainable Tourism.

BOSAWAS Biosphere Reserve — Bosawas is the second largest rainforest in the Americas, after the Amazon in Brazil. Bosawas is largely unexplored, and is extremely rich in biodiversity. Inspired by this beautiful National Reserve,  Vapues is  commited to follow a truly sustainable path, and that it contributes to the sustainable management of protected areas. We enhanced cooperation and concrete partnerships among the tourism industry, governments, local communities, protected area managers and planners, and the tourists themselves.

Vapues is also proud member of the Latin American Travel Association (LATA) <link to> and The Rainforest Alliance < link to>
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